frog with a rollerbagger

What is a RollerBagger?

hand holding rollerbagger

The patented RollerBagger with its plastic bag dispensing system temporarily stores and preserves your paint roller for up to one week before cleaning or disposal saving you time, money and less paint cleanup. The lightweight plastic construction of the RollerBaggers allows it to be easily carried to any work area. Just attach the device to the bottom of your standard roller handle and if desired the opposite end can be connected to a telescopic extension pole.

Whether you are DIY or a professional painter, the RollerBagger or the RollerBagger paint roller frame (photo not shown) adds the convenience and mobility to your painting experience.


  • Extends the lifetime of your painting tools
  • Provides an additional 8 inches of reach without needing an extension pole
  • Reduced turnover of paint tools saves you time and money
  • Keeps paint out of groundwater and sewers
  • Minimizes mess associated with roller cover/paint brush storage, disposal and cleaning projects
  • Easy to use, portable, convenient, time-saving
  • Compatible with paint roller frames/handles and telescopic extension poles
  • Transforms into a multipurpose painter tool with accessories